Introducing Play It Forward DAO
Making play more rewarding - one player at a time

The Metaverse has opened the floodgates and showed we can earn while playing games - that play is rewarding

However, challenges remain - blockchain gaming can be difficult to understand, tough to get started and challenging to venture into alone. It is also fraught with risk from bad actors looking to exploit newcomers to the space
Play It Forward is building a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that seeks to make Play-to-Earn more accessible to the people who stand to benefit the most from it. We will achieve this via the end-to-end ecosystem we're building that will be Plug-and-Play in the truest sense
One part of PIF DAO is PIF Guild - the Tip of the Spear in bringing more players into the space. Currently a massive operation spanning multiple scholarship programs, our journey has taken us from 30 to 3,000+ scholars in the span of 6 months and it is time for us to Play It Forward
This is where we introduce P2E Board - the Platform of the Metaverse. Initially created for the PIF Guild to manage our operations more effectively, we are pivoting to make it available for all - allowing the smallest of guilds to benefit from scalable tools and grow their community
At PIF DAO, we believe that the future is Multi-Game and Multi-Guild and we seek to grow the pie rather than fight for a bigger slice. Play-to-Earn has the power to deliver outsized impact and it is imperative for the space to continue to push for adoption
We are building an ecosystem where participants can track their performance across all the games they play and build up immutable profiles that can be used to pursue opportunities in the Metaverse

Play It Forward, Play-to-Earn made easy

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